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Ideal for Northern Ontario

Most of our strains are bred for the short Summers of Northern Ontario.

Seeds not being fertilized

Seeds have been bred off the earliest-maturing males to the best of the females. You could get a male or female plant out of a single seed.
Although we strive to provide the best strains, results in yields vary due to the care and conditions that we do not control.

Seeds not fertilized

Rich Selection

From early-maturing cannabis seeds, to seeds that beat the frost in Northern Ontario and heavy resin-producing strains, we have a rich variety of marijuana seeds.

SEED Varieties

Exclusive Varieties


The germination, trafficking, and/or public use of Cannabis seeds and their derivatives is still illegal in Canada (May 2018). We sell our seeds for souvenir purposes and for storage for when the laws change. At Great Canadian Cannabis we cannot and will not discuss germination, yields, THC levels, etc., as it is still illegal to germinate seeds in Canada. Medical use is the only legal and appropriate use for such products. Questions or inquiries related to the germination or growth of cannabis seeds for the purpose of large-scale production will lead to a refusal to sell.

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